{ whole30 + fitness }

Soooooo this is the last week of whole30, right?  Yeah, totally lost my days!  Work has been chaotic! Fell off the wagon this weekend and highly regretted it!  BUT today is a new day and I will finish these 30 days strong!  AND then probably start again :) Except, it will be modified a bit! Details to come at the end of the week!  Also in the market for a juicer!  Any recommendations?

Not only have I been lost on whole30, my workout motivation was gone last week!  Like literally…. couldn’t find it anywhere!  So today starts a 6 week fitness program!  I came across an introduction to crossfit endurance plan (basically uses crossfit exercises to help target your endurance training).  The work outs are simple enough for me to do at home!  Here is the article and program!


Since I didn’t start yesterday, this is what today’s workout will look like and I am super excited!  I think I found my motivation again 😉 Now if only Ben will get home on time so we can both workout!


{ fitness friday }

Happy Friday!! Here’s my fitness plan for the next week!  I’m still trying to find the right balance to achieve my goals over the next 12 weeks!  Making progress :) IF ONLY my body would get on track with this time change!

Also, plan on MOVING more during the day!  I work full time in an office where I sit…. all day!  Need to start taking those state allowed breaks and walking around the parking lot!


{ question of the day }

-Do you plan your workouts for the week?  For me, even if I can’t get all of the “planned” workouts done, this really helps me stay accountable during the week!

{ whole30 day01 }

Sleep: 10:30 pm to 6:30 am – 8 hours

Activity: WOD at home! 4 rounds of 400 m run, 15 squats, 10 push ups, 20 kb swings. Pushed myself and ran a bit more! 1.5 miles total. Total burn 387 calories.


Breakfast 9 AM – Chicken & Sweet Potato Pattie + Sautéed Power Greens + 1.5 leftover devilled eggs* + Black coffee

*eggs were all whole, clean ingredients but they did include a bit of plain greek yogurt!  so not 100% whole30 compliant but I couldn’t let them go to waste and they were a great addition to breakfast!

Lunch 1 PM – Turkey Taco + Salad Mix (romaine & spinach) + Roasted Bell Peppers + Green Kombucha Tea + 1 Lemon Juiced (as dressing and added to tea)

Note to self:  next week try on lettuce wraps and add onions!

Pre-Workout Snack – Macadamia Nuts + 1/2 deviled egg

Dinner – Leftover Baked BBQ Chicken* + Steamed Broccoli + Raw Cabbage

Snack – Chocolate Coconut Larabar

Hunger: Amazingly I feel pretty satisfied! Not wanting to eat everything I see! Yay :)

Mood: Aside from being off schedule from the time change, I was in a great mood today!! No headache and my energy level was about 6 all day.

Day 01 Weigh In:  182.4 (which I am extremely excited about!  I was at 180.2 Friday but I am normally 184.5 on Mondays after a weekend of not so strict eating.  SO this tells me I had a true 2 pound loss last week! YES! =D Also since January, I’ve lost 11.5 inches! Anxious to see where I am at the end of these 30 days :)

I WILL TRY very hard to not check my weight till the end but no promises =X

{ simply shonie goes whole30 }


And so it begins! I decided to take on the Whole30 challenge!

{ Why am I taking on this challenge? }

1) Looking for better eating habits:  mainly breaking the bad sugar and bread habits

2) I believe eating whole and clean food is very important and this will help with getting the family on track

3) Looking for better overall health:  mainly increase in energy, decrease in headaches

4) Eat more veggies

5) Hoping for some weight loss but if 1 through 4 are accomplished, I’d be ok with not seeing weight loss results


 Stay tuned for several posts in this whole30 series!  Including how I prepared for day 01, meal plans and my daily food logs!

{ fitness friday }

Planning out my workouts for the next week to help keep me on track!  I got my 2 miles in last night :) which was actually my first post-marathon run!  Kept a good pace (11:30/mile) but had to stop a few times to stretch out my calves.  They were very tight!  My goal is to incorporate more of the cardio style P90x workouts and get at least 1 run in during the week and maintain my Saturday long runs!

OH!  And WAKE UP SHONIE!!! { Reminder to myself to wake up and get my work outs done in the morning!! }




PS – planning on a big commitment over the next 30 days!  stay tuned as I work out the details and get the husband on board 😉