For My Amazing Wife

Months ago, Shonie (my wife) made the comment to me that she would like me to set her up a blog site.  She currently has one setup on Blogger, but wanted a self hosted solution so that she had more control over it. Being that I have a limited background in IT, although just enough to be dangerous, and it is her birthday tomorrow, Christmas the next day, and our anniversary in the next week, I decided this would be a good gift to her and have taken on this project to set her up a site and help her manage it.

Even though she doesn’t realize it most of the time, my wife is an amazing woman.  She is currently training for a half marathon she will run in March.  After giving birth to our son 2 years ago, she decided she wanted to start running.  Its become a bit of an obsession for her.  She does this on top ofa demanding full time job, raising a child, raising a husband, raising two demanding yellow dogs….keeping up with a household, AND continuing her college education (at least part time each semester, some semesters full time).  Most people would buckle and/or constantly complain about dealing with just a few of those things.  Shonie carries all of this on her shoulders with grace and a positive attitude.  I know its not easy for her and she I know she has moments where she thinks she fails.  But I can assure you she is not, she is succeeding everyday.

Shonie – we love you and appreciate all that you do.  We are so proud of what you have and will accomplish.

Signed – Ben and Grayson

Happy Anniversary! 


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  1. Congratulations my dear friend. What an awesome and thoughtful gift from your honey. Can’t wait to follow your blog! Love u friend and thanks for pushing me beyond what I think my limits are. :)

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