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Grayson will be 3 in June!! (internal panic has begun)

It’s amazing what these little guys will learn from you!  Since the weather has been nice lately, we’ve been enjoying a walk to the park most afternoons before dinner time.  This walk always includes the phrase “Grayson run, momma” which translates to “I want to run with you, momma!” Knowing that my running and healthy living is impacting his life completely over-joys me!  He’s been at all my races and always wants to run with me now!  Hoping I have a future running buddy (since Ben refuses to run with me :P).

photo 1

Lately he’s also been picking up the little 3 pound weights and will proceed to lift weights!  With a big smile he will say “work out, momma!” I snapped this picture a couple of weeks ago :)

photo 31

I’m constantly reminded that he is watching everything we do!

photo 3

His first official race!  1K for the Brave! **heart melting**

LOVE every second with this little boy!  Even if he is growing up way too fast!  This is just a daily reminder that I need to be the best momma possible for him!  Simple as that :)

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