the family

{ the husband aka ben }

we have been together for almost 6 years now!  we got engaged in September of 2009 and married January 1, 2011. ben is the protector of our family!  he does everything he can to take care of us.  he’s an amazing husband and father!  he loves cars and all things techy!

{ the child aka grayson }

the pure joy of our life! he was born June 1, 2011 and i swear he has had us on our toes since the second he was born! grayson loves laughing, playing and chocolate! typical almost 3 year old :)

{ the bad puppy aka halle }

ok, she’s not all that bad but she’s stubborn!  halle came into our lives in September of 2009.  she’s a rescue dog – part lab and part hound dog (not sure exactly what type).  she can be sweet but don’t ever for a second think she will not take your food from you!

{ the sweet puppy aka cooper }

this is my baby!  sweet cooper came into our lives in June of 2010.  he’s also a rescue dog – part lab and part golden retriever.  he has the golden retriever temperament but has some anxiety issues (aka mommy issues oops!)