{ things i <3 thursday }


So I thought I would share a few things that helped get me through half marathon training and marathon day!

Let’s start with fuel because well these things are just AWESOME!!! I seriously could eat these every day :)

Honey Stingers Energy Chews


My personal favorite is the pomegranate!  But I also enjoy the pink lemonade and either of the caffeinated ones!

Next thing that I love is my belt!  I can carry my honey stingers, phone, chapstick, light, ID and any other junk my heart desires!!

Fitletic iFitness Belt


I have the Ultimate Running Belt and added water bottles and an extra pouch for race day!  Worked out perfect for me!

Now onto the shoes!! I had to buy new shoes in December and was able to get enough training in them so I could wear for the marathon.  Before buying this pair, I was a Brooks girl!  Not saying that my next pair won’t be Brooks but these had the support I needed this time around!

Asics Gel Cumulus 15


I love bright and colorful shoes :)

Problems with shin splints or knee pain? This next one is for you :)

KT Tape


This stuff works wonders! I was having some medial knee pain (likely due to weak muscles) and sore shins (due to over-use).  Sunday after our long runs, I could hardly walk. Veronica started taping her knee for extra support so I had to try it out!  AMAZING!  No pain after running with my shins and knee taped!  Now on long runs, I only tape for shin pain on my left side (seems to bother me the most) and I have not had knee problems.  For the half marathon, I did tape my knees for fear of having problems (which I did not).  Highly recommend this stuff!!  You can google ways to tape for whatever pain you might be having!

And finally, these guys get a mention here!  Although, I bought the wrong size so I did not get the full effect of how they work, Veronica and Michelle swear by them!  I will have to try again in another size :)

CEP Compression Sleeves


They are tight and I could tell during my 1st run with them that they helped my shins!  But then I washed them and they were too tight and my calves would just ache wearing them. :( Not giving up on them yet though!

{ question of the day }

-What are some of your must haves for marathon training and marathon day?


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