{ whole30 day01 }

Sleep: 10:30 pm to 6:30 am – 8 hours

Activity: WOD at home! 4 rounds of 400 m run, 15 squats, 10 push ups, 20 kb swings. Pushed myself and ran a bit more! 1.5 miles total. Total burn 387 calories.


Breakfast 9 AM – Chicken & Sweet Potato Pattie + Sautéed Power Greens + 1.5 leftover devilled eggs* + Black coffee

*eggs were all whole, clean ingredients but they did include a bit of plain greek yogurt!  so not 100% whole30 compliant but I couldn’t let them go to waste and they were a great addition to breakfast!

Lunch 1 PM – Turkey Taco + Salad Mix (romaine & spinach) + Roasted Bell Peppers + Green Kombucha Tea + 1 Lemon Juiced (as dressing and added to tea)

Note to self:  next week try on lettuce wraps and add onions!

Pre-Workout Snack – Macadamia Nuts + 1/2 deviled egg

Dinner – Leftover Baked BBQ Chicken* + Steamed Broccoli + Raw Cabbage

Snack – Chocolate Coconut Larabar

Hunger: Amazingly I feel pretty satisfied! Not wanting to eat everything I see! Yay :)

Mood: Aside from being off schedule from the time change, I was in a great mood today!! No headache and my energy level was about 6 all day.

Day 01 Weigh In:  182.4 (which I am extremely excited about!  I was at 180.2 Friday but I am normally 184.5 on Mondays after a weekend of not so strict eating.  SO this tells me I had a true 2 pound loss last week! YES! =D Also since January, I’ve lost 11.5 inches! Anxious to see where I am at the end of these 30 days :)

I WILL TRY very hard to not check my weight till the end but no promises =X

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