{ whole30 day04 }

Sleep: 11:00 pm to 6:30 am – 7.5 hours

Activity: Planned a run but time got away from me and ended up on a quick 3 mile bike ride with Grayson instead!  Then followed the bike ride with P90x Ab Ripper X =D


Breakfast 9 AM – Eggs (2 whole, 1 egg white) + Sautéed Power Greens + Coffee w/ Coconut Cream

Lunch 1 PM – Jimmy Johns Unwich!  Ok, I messed up.  Forgot to tell them no cheese :( but other than the cheese, it was whole30 compliant!

Dinner 5 PM – Clean Carnitas + Cauliflower  + Raw Cabbage + Clean Salsa to top :)

Hunger: Stuck to 3 meals again with no snacks!  Can’t believe it!

Mood: Still off schedule from the time change.  Hopefully we can all go to bed at a decent time tonight!! Great energy today and no headaches yet!!

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