{ whole30 + fitness }

Soooooo this is the last week of whole30, right?  Yeah, totally lost my days!  Work has been chaotic! Fell off the wagon this weekend and highly regretted it!  BUT today is a new day and I will finish these 30 days strong!  AND then probably start again :) Except, it will be modified a bit! Details to come at the end of the week!  Also in the market for a juicer!  Any recommendations?

Not only have I been lost on whole30, my workout motivation was gone last week!  Like literally…. couldn’t find it anywhere!  So today starts a 6 week fitness program!  I came across an introduction to crossfit endurance plan (basically uses crossfit exercises to help target your endurance training).  The work outs are simple enough for me to do at home!  Here is the article and program!


Since I didn’t start yesterday, this is what today’s workout will look like and I am super excited!  I think I found my motivation again 😉 Now if only Ben will get home on time so we can both workout!


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