{ whole30 – the lost week }

Ok seriously people!  Where did the week go???  Spring has been statistically my busiest time at work and I’ve been swamped with files!! So bare with me!  I promise I’m making whole30 compliant choices :)

So while I’d to go back to day 10 and remember every single thing I ate – my brain is fried!! and no, not from eating fried food 😛 It’s just been one of those days!  This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down at the blog since my day09 post!  Insane!

Any  who, I can say this weekend was much easier although after a very long and busy Sunday, we had pizza for dinner :( Oh I also enjoyed some ice cream.  But those 2 things out of an entire week, that’s literally like 5% of the week!  The biggest thing for me is control.  I feel like I have control over what I eat now.  Sure I had pizza yesterday but I don’t need bread and greasy food today (the pizza wasn’t greasy but just throwing that out there) and I don’t need sugar today.  Prior to whole30, I felt like I needed sugar and bread……. That need is completely gone now!  Do I want to indulge with my family? Absolutely.  In moderation! Do I need to?  No, but I can choose to!  And I can choose to have ice cream with them over hamburgers. Moderation :) Before, I’d have it all!  I am now in control of the food choices I make!

Activity for the lost week was not lost!!  Actually had a pretty active week.  I think I logged about 10 miles for the week along with an awesome Kenpo X workout that hard my arms sore for days!

Now on to week 3 of whole30!  It will be another crazy week at work and I will try my best to log and post! Have a few other posts I’m working on that I should be posting this week – one includes some super cute pictures!! 😉

Good night friends!

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