{ whole30 weekend recap! }

Day 06

Sleep: 12:00 am to 8:00 am – 8 hours

Activity:  Lots and lots of cleaning and organizing!  Had planned a long run this morning but I woke up late with a minor headache so decided to get the cleaning done.  Plus it was a rainy day!


Breakfast 9 AM – Chicken Sausage + 3 Eggs + Coffee

Lunch 2 PM – Turkey Chef Salad (from Schlotzky’s so I’m sure the turkey and bacon were not exactly compliant but it was better than grabbing a sandwich – I didn’t use their dressing so I win there :))

Dinner 7 PM – Burger + Sweet Potato Fries (again, probably not completely compliant but I left out the bread and cheese, topped the burger with some jalapeños, bacon and extra mustard)

Snacks – about 4 bites of mint chocolate chip ice-cream (I know, I know – but this is really hard! and considering I had 3 bites and not a whole cup full is HUGE)

Hunger: I was hungry today and it took a lot out of me to not snack on unhealthy items but I think I made the best of my day.

Mood: Exhausted.  Long day of cleaning, no relaxing, chasing Grayson.. Ben had to work on his sister’s car all day so it was a very long day!


Day 07

Sleep: 11:00 pm to 9:00 am – 10 hours!!

Activity: Again did not get to my planned workout but was on my feet all day!


Breakfast 10 AM – Bacon + 2 Eggs + Potato Hash (this was breakfast out with Grayson at a local restaurant)

Lunch 2 PM – Clean Hot Dogs (uncured, no nitrates, etc) w/ mustard + Larabar

Dinner 6 PM – Sauteed Shrimp + Zucchini

Snack – And I failed.  Cookies and Cream Ice Cream :(

Hunger: Again pretty hungry today but I was so busy all day it kept me from snacking.

Mood: Grocery and food prep day – another exhausting day! No headache today and I ate well until the ice cream :(


{ weekend recap }

It’s hard.  My husband is not doing Whole30 with me.  I think I made the best choices I could all weekend considering my options. I know what to do next weekend!  Grab some groceries Friday to get us through the weekend without having to eat out. I have a son who loves to share his food with me and loves getting “treats” with us (like the frozen yogurt and ice cream on Sundays).  It’s hard not to enjoy those moments with him.  I have no other complaints of whole30 after a week but it’s hard when you have a husband and son not on the same plan as you.

So moving on to day08!  Worked hard in the kitchen all day so lunches and dinners are ready to go!  It’s 8:35 pm and I’m about to head up to bed.  So all in all, my eating was about 7/10, exercising was 0/10 but I have a clean house and meals prepped for the whole week for 10/10!


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